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BLBH2 Designer Requirements

Hunt Overview:

This hunt is a bit different than our other hunts so please read-

Hunt item will be set at $0L (this is a scripted item-just fill and it's done)

Hunt positions are according to the order of arrival of applications and acceptance.

There are ONLY 10 sponsor spots available which will place you in the first 10 spots of the hunt. Sponsors are advertised on the Grumble sim, on the blog, and at the start location of the hunt.

Sponsors are required to:
-do a special in-store promotion for the bleeping bunny hunt-this includes 1 of:
1. special product offer with display for this item-only available during the hunt
2. mini hunt in-store supporting the bleeping bunny hunt
3. gacha machines for bleeping bunny hunt/ebh group members only
4. freebie or midnight mania boards for ebh group members only
5. your choice-please describe your idea under the sponsor section of the application.

This hunt WILL NOT have a final prize location and you are only required to do the 1 hunt prize as a sponsor, but have to do something special in-store to promote/support the bleeping bunny hunt.
We never ask for money to be a sponsor, we do ask however you blog us, put our info into your vip groups and subscribers and push the hunt. We will also require sponsors to provide us either a photo or a graphic showing what your special in-store promotional is for the Bleeping Bunny hunt for use in our blog and advertising venues. We will pick sponsors based on the creativity of their sponsor in-store promotion.


This hunt is for original work only (no resellers or business in a box).

Designers are REQUIRED to be in the EBH Merchant Group for the duration of the hunt.

We give 48 hrs to correct issues or deadlines not met. After that point, stores will be dropped or replaced in the hunt. We apologize in advance for having to do this, but if you are too busy to be ready on time, please do not apply.

We will accept any stores into the hunt as long as you have original merchandise, do not break TOS with SL (using copyrighted logos in your work etc) and have at least 20 items out and for sale. Please be sure if you rent a mall space, you can directly TP to your location or there is a legible teleport board out so hunters can find your store.

Designers are to adhere to the time-line provided in their designer info pack.

HINTS AND 5 DECOYS are REQUIRED-please fill the decoy with either something fun or a note stating they found a decoy-must have 5 in-store, no more than 10. You may fill out the hint form stating you have a hint giver and where it is located. All hints will be posted on the blog. This is supposed to be a hard hunt-Every designer will provide a hint, a riddle, or a scavenger hunt of clues to find the hidden exclamation mark-it's a bleeping hard hunt! Hints however are required to help hunters before they pull their hair out. We want everyone to have fun!
Pictures are not required however we'd love to put your gift on the blog. Designers will be able to send out their gift to the group for blogger coverage.

Theme: BLEEPING HARD-drive them crazy! Hints are required but it's such a hard hunt it will make you want to curse!


That #$%@& Bunny! Running around, moving, hiding things and making a mess- cant' find anything when he is around. Welcome to the Bleeping Bunny Hunt- a hunt so hard you'll want to curse! Every designer will provide you a hint, a riddle, or a scavenger hunt of clues to find the hidden exclamation mark! You'll encounter decoys along the way, but stick with it and you'll be rewarded. Our sponsors will be giving you some bleeping fantastic specials, freebies and mini-hunts! It's the BLEEPING BUNNY HUNT-meant to be hard-if it's easy, why do it!



Vendor boxes will go out July 15th
This hunt is using our new scripted hunt system, so i can see when you rez your poster and hunt prim. Decoy prims WILL NOT have the script inside.
Hunt prims need to be rezzed by Wednesday July 30th and filled with your prize no later than midnight Thursday July 31st for the start of the hunt.

We pride ourselves in smooth, simple hunts that are fun to do, so please if you apply, be sure you can adhere to the above dates, requirements, and that you will be dependable in getting your poster up, hint submitted, and your decoys and hunt prim out and filled on time.

EBH Staff-An Evil Bunny Hunt Group/Grumble Hunt

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