There are no landmarks inside the hunt items-you'll use the blog to move your way through the hunt.
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HAPPY HUNTING! If you find any issues with hunt prims being out, please note card Allie Munro and she will check into any hunt issues. PLEASE SKIP stores that say skip-we will update as items are out and ready to be hunted.


HINT Cupid is so stupid that he can't figure out how to get up the steps.

HINT That stupid cupid hit some turbulence in the winter wind!

HINT I cast my arrows about but I'm only hitting men, what's up with that?

HINT I think I got ya

HINT Off with your heads!

I've been dealt some strange cards.

HINT Eye Heart U

HINT  Stairway to heaven ...

HINT Seasonally reading

HINT Oooh la la, I am near something french that is black and purple.

HINT They are an integral part of a Designers Success

HINT It's in the bottom drawer.

HINT My name is Samantha!

HINT Clothes for roleplayers and sl 

HINT  Flower Power babe!


HINT   "You should look for a Lady!"

HINT "You just find me among my secrets!"

HINT   Surrounded by all the NEW RELEASES, the kitty dreams of love.

HINT   You got to climb the staircase to have a seat and relax a bit.

HINT The natural light in here is amazing!

HINT Piper Can Fly!

HINT How did it get all the way over here to the gachas?

HINT You could go left or you could go right. One way is wrong and the other right. Something with a twist on a dress black as night not only do you get a hug you also get a kiss.

HINT I'll be using a hint giver.

HINT Peek a boo

HINT  Maybe if I hide in the corner Cupid won't get me

HINT If love is blind - why is Lingerie so popular?

HINT  Have you caught the Love Bug? If not, maybe you should..

HINT  Hint Giver

HINT Cupid sometimes forces people to cuddle on a rug

HINT Dont look at the dragon eyes

HINT Hint Giver near store entrance

HINT Pretty Pink shopping bags, how lovely.

HINT Check Hint Giver

HINT  Check Hint Giver

HINT See hint giver in store

HINT Silly Cupid they where already lucky. 

HINT When I am tired I like to have a rest in a confortable place. 

HINT OUCH!   I'm feeling drugged!  

HINT   Pink is a lovely color for Valentine's too!

HINT big heart show the way to the present

43. ~Mesh Glam~Jewelry & Accessories  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PlayaCar/130/41/23
HINT   Everyone loves sparkles

HINT Hint giver

HINT If love is blind, we should look towards the sun and bask in the light.

HINT  What's sweet, pink and oh so intoxicating?

HINT Even a Dragon will Light up your life! 

HINT Knock Knock

HINT Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

HINT ill BOARD that 

HINT will use hint giver

HINT Now that is what I call a fishy looking chair!

HINT ..group....

HINT I wonder how much i weigh

55. *Finishing Touches*    http://slurl.com/secondlife/Azalea/75/169/77
HINT Hint Giver at Store

HINT     I can stare at you for hours.

HINT You have been tool once or twice but I will not tell you again. Never ever run with scissors.

HINT Aww dear, my head isn't it lovely

HINT Find a stunning blonde whose name begins with the letter S it will lead the way for you to find me.

HINT the chain is with the gift

HINT They are gorgeous and cute, and provides a good bacon

HINT I love cheapies!

HINT Swims with the fishes

HINT Oh my look at the gachas