Store name, URL, Egg you are searching for and hint listed for each

EGG: Naughty  HINT: Get your paws out of that register you Evil Bunny!

EGG: Nice  HINT: Hint giver

EGG: Naughty HINT:Let me make you up.

4. .:Stone Misery:. Prefabs & Furniture  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Centurion/143/127/35
EGG: Naughty   HINT: (Teleport to "Scenery" first) Twinkle twinkle...

EGG: Nice HINT: When your as sweet as can be, sometimes eating sweets makes you sweeter. 

EGG: Both  HINT: At the tip of a red arrow on each floor is where you will find us.

EGG: Naughty HINT: Lookout! That female white walker is trying to kill the bunny!

EGG: Both  HINT: Extra pillows are a must.

EGG: Naughty  HINT:It looks like someone broke a bank after all ...

EGG: Both  HINT:Nice Item :: "With the price of gas..."
Naughty Item :: "Do not attempt to adjust your TV sets..."

EGG: Both  HINT: Good - Lets go Fly a Kite
Evil - Now you see me and now you don't!!! my plane awaits

EGG: Nice  HINT: nice egg -- bundle up, it gets chilly up north
naughty egg -- actually i think the cat stole it

EGG: Both     HINT: I love the holidays!

EGG:Both    HINT:  #1 " I am always looking for my top" &  #2 " I think I left my top under the bed"

EGG: Nice  HINT: Hint giver

EGG: Nice  HINT: Roses and candles, how much nicer can it get?

EGG: Nice  HINT:  I keep an eye on New Releases like a good kitty.. err bunny.

EGG: Both  HINT: Check Hint Giver in Store

EGG: Naughty  HINT: I'm crazy for the boots

EGG: Nice   HINT: Check Hint Giver

EGG: Naughty  HINT: Wouldn't You love to get your claws on this

EGG:  Nice   HINT: Gestures, gestures must have gestures

23. ~Mesh Glam~Jewelry & Accessories  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PlayaCar/130/41/23
EGG:   Naughty  HINT: This little sheep knows all about who is naughty and nice.

EGG: Naughty  HINT: Even a princess can be evil and naughty .... never doubt about it!

EGG: Naughty HINT: using hint giver

EGG: Naughty HINT: Stop Poking Me!

EGG: Nice  HINT: Hint Giver

EGG: Naughty  HINT: A little comfy corner for a naughty egg!

EGG: Naughty  HINT: With this outfit you could look just like those models

EGG: Both  HINT: Hint Giver Near Hunt Signs

EGG:   Both  HINT: Hint Giver

EGG: Naughty  HINT: A Shark Attack isn't a very nice thing.

EGG: Naughty  HINT: Don't go up, it's "UNDER" your nose

EGG: Both  HINT:  HINT: Naughty - That evil bunny stole my gift, I wonder if I can get resent. 
Nice - It is so nice that these are out after the end of the event. 

EGG: Both  HINT: your prize is in the mail, if you want more ... peek behind the curtain

EGG: Naughty  HINT: I'm just laying around here waiting

EGG: Nice  HINT: I´m in heaven!

EGG: Both  HINT:Think these boxes need unpacked

EGG: Nice  HINT: Under the tree!!

EGG:   Both   HINT: NICE:  Why does the cat always sit on my open book???
Naughty: This is one NAUGHTY teehouse!

EGG:  Nice  HINT: I'm resting...

EGG: Nice  HINT: Playing in the snow!

EGG: Naughty  HINT: Find me at midnight

EGG: Both  HINT: Evil Bunnies enjoy dark dungeon toys when nobody is looking!

EGG:  Both  HINT: Using Hint Giver


EGG: Both  HINT: Hint Giver

EGG: Nice  HINT: I want a kiss in the rain.

EGG: Naughty  HINT: Bad bunny hops around a lot of lace trying to blend in

EGG: Nice  HINT: Not the corner again Mr Bunny

EGG: Naughty  HINT: Hint Giver at Store

52. Firelight Creations & MAN STUFF    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Buff/88/177/34
EGG: Both  HINT: Naughty:  Get your Genuine MAN STUFF here. 
Nice:: Do you feel lucky, Punk? 

EGG: Naughty  HINT: Help me Doctor!!!!!

EGG: Both   HINT: Good:Sit down and Puzzle this one out
Bad: Do you want you picture taken?  I'm on top of it!

EGG: Nice  HINT: will be using a hint giver

EGG: NICE  HINT:Look on this wall for Past Items.. 

EGG: Both  HINT: Naughty : Chirp Chirp when will it hatch ?
Nice: Breakfast at Tiffanys 

EGG: Nice   HINT: Look for Noah...

EGG:  Both  HINT: Naughty: Nothing is sexier than a SLINKy dress & Watch out for that cute zombie! He's coming to get you!

EGG: Both  HINT: Naughty Egg -  Come on up. You might get lucky!    Nice egg - Ten... Eleven.. Is it time yet?

EGG:   Nice  HINT: I'M brand ________?

EGG: Naughty  HINT: Sex Masters

63. Waffles' Babygirl & Gacha finds    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vico/63/109/1001
EGG: Both  HINT: "Naughty Egg Hint: Look for me where a evil bunny might go hide up high. 
Nice Egg Hint: Just like a nice sweet princess I park accordingly. "

EGG: Nice   HINT: "..maybe I'm hiding under a coat rack"

EGG: Nice  HINT: Natalie is very beautiful woman!

EGG: Naughty  HINT: will be at store in hint giver
EGG: Nice  HINT: What's new here?

EGG: Both  HINT: Hello?

EGG: Nice  HINT: See hint giver in store

EGG: Nice  HINT:  Is there a pea under this pillow?!

71. ! Vamp ! Beautiful Creations     http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/gundeulbawe/195/5/42
EGG: Both  HINT: An artists true friend

EGG: Nice  HINT: My 60L Secret Items

EGG: Nice  HINT: A Fox's Tail is Swaggerific

EGG: Nice  HINT:  "Just in case it didn't register"

EGG: Both  HINT: Bad: This competition is fierce!
Good: I am Royalty!

EGG: Nice  HINT: Step right up

EGG: Naughty  HINT: Tic Tac Tic Tac… Time Is Running Out!

EGG: Nice  HINT: I don't believe they're bad luck at all!

EGG: Naughty  HINT: It’s where West Side Story happens.

EGG: Naughty  HINT: Haha, I am not a gacha Angel!

EGG: Naughty  HINT:  If you see a snake - RUUUUUN!