**********STORE ORDER & HINTS LOCATED BELOW*************


HINT: The bunny can just wait a few, i'm sitting down on the job!

HINT: Hop hop hopping into Summer

HINT:  First light in the sky before sunrise

HINT: You can find the bucket near the woman in the red dress

HINT:  I can help you reach the top 

HINT:  How about a bike ride?

HINT:  Look for Me where the Teal Mid Shoe sits.. Only Midway is your key..

HINT: May I help you with your sunscreen?

HINT: Oh what a beautiful back view

HINT: Behind the stairs look on up!

HINT: Sneaky Jackalope trying to keep the pail all for himself

HINT: Peeks around the corner at all the ink

HINT: He was NO Gentleman!

14. Firelight Creations & MAN STUFF http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Buff/88/177/34
HINT: Will you join me?

HINT: Less than 100

HINT:  love to look at pretty butterflies.


HINT A nice gown is something u always need in ur closet

HINT: Are you clocking in or out? 

HINT: I like candy!

HINT: What's hiding in the corner?

HINT:  I am lurking under the stairs!

HINT:  Hint giver near hunt signs

HINT: Don't Drown!

HINT:  Pop a squat and check out whats on the tube!

HINT:  That plant is gnarly!

HINT:  Check out those booty jeans!

HINT: Look up ur New Releases for this summer

HINT: Do they have gachas for sale here?

HINT:  Would you like to swim in the Mermaid Pond?

HINT:  Sometimes Bunnies like to PLANT flowers in the sand.

HINT: On the high seas

HINT:  I love flowery ladder.

HINT: Bright lights and cityscapes!

HINT: Leave me a mail

HINT: definitely need some summer foot wear 

HINT: Come on up and lets build a sandcastle together!

HINT: Sometimes you feel like a moo...sometimes you don't!  I like a good moo most of the time!

HINT:  Where the bois are!

HINT: That's a cool tv, and I'm not lion! 

HINT: " Knock at the Mouse Door "

HINT: for the male gift = ..Groups...
for the girls = color my body 

HINT: I'm next to the Eiffel Tower, and we are enjoying the 'Douce Brise"

HINT:  you can't keep it in the PALM of your hand

HINT:  Midnight DEMO oops I mean Rendezvous

HINT: Say Aaahh!

HINT: Man! I feel like a woman!

HINT: Hint giver

HINT: what a prime location.

HINT: Have a seat and let's play Poker.

HINT:   I hope it doesn't RAINA at the beach!

HINT:  Somewhere under the rainbow!

HINT: Beat the heat and have fun with a cool Summer Splash! 

HINT: "Little Kraken, The bucket doesn't go on your head!"
Currently gave hint as Hint Giver, Actual hint may be better if you'd like.

HINT:  C stand for Can not for cant.

55. Waffles' Babygirl & Gacha finds http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vico/63/109/1001
HINT:  I bet this bunny would love to go to the beach. 

56. Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru     http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yelas/133/9/699
HINT: Sunbathing is nice for fur as well

HINT:  Emily loves bunnies too!

HINT: I'm a "toes in the sand" kinda girl... 

HINT:  Mmmmmmm is that a lollipop?   Awwwwww damn, it's not!!!