Here is what you are hunting for:

Naughty egg-Red with horns
Nice egg-Blue with halo

Some stores have both!  See the hints below to know which you are searching for.

TEBH5 Hunt Order


1.  Grumble    
Nice: That evil bunny has taken over the radio and is pumping out some crazy tunes!

2. Facepalm      
Naughty: Gonna have to talk to the owner about that hint....

3. *ToXiC*H*    
Naughty: I love gachas!!! I resell the items for you guys to buy.

4. Sky    
Nice & Naughty: Viva Las Vegas!

5. Lok's Low Prim Furniture   
Nice & Naughty: We're in the NEW section by the green plants.

6. *Finishing Touches*    
Nice: A tisket a tasket your gift is in a basket

7. HEYDRA     
Nice: my name is also known as a hotel
Naughty: look around whats also known as a monastary

8. Kaithleen's    
Nice: I have a splendid view from this stop.

9. C&N Designs    
Nice & Naughty: Look hint giver

10. Vero Modero    
Nice & Naughty: Look hint giver

11. LOoLOo's Platypus    
Nice: Get it? Got it? Got ya!
Naughty: Viva Las Vegas Baby!!!

12. Vips Creations    
Nice: Bullet for my Valentines!

Nice: That hard-working bunny paints the eggs himself.

14.  .:Stone Misery:. 
Naughty: Like pictures on the wall

15. The Artist Shed    
Nice: "A pretty line of flowers, all in a row" 
Naughty: "I Heart Evil"

16. Naughty Naughty    
Nice: It would be so nice to go get a cocktail
Naughty: Evil hunts the naught floor


17. Paisley Daisy    
Naughty:  Water falls over Paisley Daisy

18. Evaki    
Nice: See hint giver

19. Ink Blots    
Nice: Look up into the clouds.

20.The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee    
Nice: Naughty or Nice I am with some spices

21. Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations    
Nice & Naughty: Check hint giver in store

22. les sucreries de Fairy    
Nice:  I love Alice In Wonderland

23. Unforgettable Temptations   
Nice: From where I sit, I Hear the roar of water, and the pitter patter of tiny feet!!
24. Ravnous    
Naughty: Up on the edge.

25. <P3> Pixel Perfect Productions    
Naughty: Hippity Hoppity on down the Bunny Path and dive right into the middle of all those naughty bunnies!

26. Black Hole Sun    
Nice: I like it cuddly
Naughty: I chose a warm Place

27. ~Mesh Glam~    
Naughty: Those sleepy sheep look like they are up to something...those are my kind of peeps!

28. ***baci***   
Naughty: Evil bunny goes everywhere
I saw I have wrote in application "Why should I be nice if lingerie loves evil?"
Now I rezzed the object as the "evil bunny goes everywhere" because I saw there is no hint in my shop in the blog.
Just tell me if I must change.
And thank you for all the work you do for us

29. X-Clusives Animations    
The hunt is on and this bunny's evil
Making life easy isn't his intention
So take yourself off to HOME FURNISHINGS
30. Xen's Hats    

31. Freya's Finest Jewels    
Nice: Please check Hint Giver Board on right hand wall - next to MM board

32. Off the Wall    
Nice: See hint giver in shop

33. Inkheart    
Nice & Naughty: I don´t speak French but I love French manicure!

34. Latex Station   
Naughty: Bella its the evil bunny hunt not the evil giraffe hunt

35. Libbytulips Sparkle Fashion   
Nice: Easter Dinner

36. Wicked Diva's Courtyard    
Nice: Easter Flower

37. Firelight Creations & MAN STUFF    
Nice:  I went into the light!
Naughty:  Its dark here!

38. Hatter 'n Hell    
Nice:  Key West is a nice place.
Naughty:  Je suis ĂȘtre vilain. 

39. Season of Wonders    SKIP

40. The Happy Hat    
Nice & Naughty: The Hunt Hints will suggest of where to find the egg's nest.

41. Adorably Strange Wares   
Nice & Naughty: We both love fire but not each other.

42. Timeless Textures    
Naughty:I am the ALPHA and the Omega.

43. Zinner Gallery   
Naughty: Hint: I love to see golden stars. Don't you?

44. .:K&B:. Katitudes & Boneisms    
Nice : I promise to be good all Summer Long
Naughty: It's a Dirty World but someone has to live it

45. Stitches Creations    
Nice: Hiding under an umbrella.

46. 7 Deadly s{K}ins  
Nice:  Lean back and enjoy the ride!

47. WAFFLEZ    

48. [AtHome] fashion    
Naughty: A rocky end.

49. Kelli Kreation   
Nice:  Follow the Smell of Fresh flowers
Naughty: There is Lightning On Horizon

50. Perfect Seduction    
Nice & Naughty: You don't have to go far, I Gacha eggs right here

51. PA DESIGNE    
Naughty: look for feet

52. Geek Chic Creations   
Nice: Gnome
Naughty: Somewhere around the roses

53. Gator's Gallery    
Nice:  Is snuggly and warm with the meerkat. Aw.
Naughty: Has taken flight.

54. Fi's Creations    
Nice:  Formal Gowns

55. Physco clothes     
Naughty: Discounted

56. {MOEKO}    
Nice: It's gone way over my head.
Naughty: Beam me up Scotty!

57. Flood   SKIP

58. Freekz    
Nice: I hope I don't get squished on these stairs!
Naughty: So many curtains to hide behind. Muwahaha!

59. Kabuki    
Nice: I love a good topiary, it's plain to see. But, which one? PICK me, PICK me!

60. Serendipity Designs    
Nice: Well, color me Boho, this should screen me well from all of those scary people wanting to find me!

61. OMG! Inc.   
Nice : Under the wardrobe hides your gift.
Naughty: Stop peeking up my 'Gold Leaf' skirt!

62. Kawaii Life    
Nice: All this hunting sure is thirsty work!

63. Aniri's Boutique    
Nice: I don't like the paparazzi! 

64. {Acios}    
Nice: (Unisex): "Whats my name?"
Naughty:"Bad and good, Heaven and Hell"

65. Children of Cain BDSM Equipment   
Naughty: The children of the male child born to Adam in the beginning. Also a popular BDSM Equipment seller. To find this prize, you must find the place where all of his creations are made. A few steps up overlooking you will find, something in red leather to your delight. If in doubt, a few evil hares may lead the way to your prize.

66. Adorably Strange Wares    
Nice & Naughty: We will soon be cooked sitting so close to this heat.

67. Forsaken Falls    
Nice: Hiding in a low. I can see stars and camo above. 1st floor
Naughty: Men's. I was made to hang here ;)

68. Tran-Skewed    
Naughty: I hope someone finds me when they get these open

69. pekas design    
Naughty: hoo my poor panda, i forgot to feed him

70. jaded threads 
Nice: a tiskit a tasket ....i think it rhymes with basket

71. Lone Wolf Studio    
Naughty: You need to get your hands on this!

72. Dirty POP! Wardrobe    
Nice & Naughty: Everyone wants to see the cute bunneh for Easter

73. Hearth & Home    
Nice: All You Need Is Love!

74. Against the Wall    
Nice: Sitting down having a rest, Where’s a comfy place that’s best?
To find this tricky little devil
You need to look
In a place where
You might put a book

75. ~*Heavenly Bacon*~   
Nice: "I think I will stick with all that is new."
Naughty: "Its dark and spooky down here."

76. ::: THUNDER ::: Mesh    
Nice & Naughty: so high as we can!

77. .Chu.    
Naughty: Burn !!!