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B!BH3 Hints



1. Grumble
The bunny is excited, he has found a new store, it's the brand new Grumble that he's been looking for-out front you will see gacha machines in a line, i'd check down near the end and see what the boo! bunny has been doing with his free time!

2. PDN's Potpourri
Inside you will find some sweet surprises, Look around and claim your prize!

3. Virtual Textures
Dragonflies also like candy!

4. LOoLOo's & Platypus
Shave and a haircut.......

5. *ToXiC*H*
Damn toxic barrels keep knocking over!

6. Naughty Naughty
I love naughty clothing

7. Yay and Stuff
I gatcha!

8. .:K&B:. Katitudes & Boneisms
Who you gonna call?

Hiding above the shelves. Boo!

10. Kaithleen's
Single? Taken? Who cares, I'm awesome!

11. C&N Designs
Native American girls are so beautifull

12. Vero Modero
 This Fall need a new booties to enjoy

13. *plowwies*
 So you're the one everyone's afraid of? Tell me something. Who runs around in a Christmas sweater? I mean, come on, get real. You're not even scary.

beam me up scotty!

15. Bangles and baubles
MMM i love MM's

16. *Finishing Touches*
I smell pumpkin pie!

17. Sky
The bunny came through here to find a boo costume... we told him to just be yourself.. he was scary enough.

18. 7 Deadly s{K}ins
Stay up to date!

19. Vips Creations
 Pennywise!The most scary avatar for kids!!


Tickle Me!

22. ***baci village***
 and the gift is near lingerie

23. Firelight Creations
Have a seat. This is a good place for a snack.

24. ::DollFace::
"For Service"

25. Kabuki Creations
Baby turn on your Side and lets cuddle up

26. Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations
Please click the Multi-Hint Giver inside the store.

27. Angelic Seductions
I think I'll be a dvia for Halloween

28. Quoth The Ravenn
I talk to the trees, but they don't listen to me........

29. The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
 I think I drop something on the stairs

30. PB Designs
Warm Enough to heat your hands up on.

31. blah.BLAH.blah
Meow meow says the nice kitty cat

32. Fi's Creations
Look for the grey wall

33. :jazzitude:
"As you hop from store to store,
Tracking the boo bunny behind every door,
Why not stop inside jazzitude and take a seat?
you might just find something near your feet."

34. Egoxentrikax
I'm a girl bohemia

35. <P3> - Pixel Perfect Productions
This yummy candy would make a sweet treat for a hungry hat! Now if only I knew where to find a spooky hat with teeth!

36. Tran-Skewed
Funny how candy tends to stick where you sit.

37. Zinner Shapes
 I wish you a Happy Halloween.

38. Ink Blots
 Another name for a ghost is SPECTRE.

39. *kiokopup*
 Down the hole and into the pot, come inside and SQUIRRIL!!

40. La Boheme
Maybe I should water this.


42. [DandelionWine]
 you can always find something sweet to where there is something new

43. Shadow Dreams
sitting on top of this frame i can see a lil girl in a white dress chatting with a bunny... i wonder if he's evil too...

44. Stitches creations
Oh my!  That candy is about to get run over by a car!


46. Manjos
Just look for the bunnies.


48. *Deadly Mouse*
Event from a safe distance... We can still hear him talking!

49. *Deadly Mouse* (Men's)
 I've got out of the catacombs...

50. [: Kawaii Couture :]
Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker!

51. Mattie Rae's Textures
 that's just dotty thinking!


53. ViVi & Hair Day
"What did that Boo Bunny do?
I'll give you a clue.
It's in something new."

54. OMG! Inc.
Slithering in under the the black snake skin.

55. Darkmatter
 I never expected this to be sitting on pumpkins much less behind it.

56. Inkheart
 I love water!

57. + [ l u x u r i a n t ]
What a sweet treat awaits!

58. Les sucreries de Fairy
I love Tim Burton


60. Minx Designs
Leather & Lace

Caution! Black Cat Crossing

62. Lok's Low Prim Furniture
 Look by the yellow flowers!

63. Horr Menswear
Those 8 legged creatures are very protective of their treats.

64. +REDRUM+
Everyone's waiting for a chance to sit down!

65. [ free bird ]
There's a skeleton on the bookshelf.


67. ::The French Lick & Bunneh Gestures::
hey!...Behind this big box!


69. Glow Designs
I'm not the only one here

70. Freak Flag
 We all float down here...

71. Nocturnal Siren
One on the ceiling, None on the floor, Tricks on the boxes, Treats in the corner and a Third if you look outdoors.

72. In Wonderland
I hate it when I get cornered...

73. Pinup Girls of SL
yummy yummy in my big fat tummy

74. NR Designs
i am where pictures hang

75. Firefly
 Find the hiding little white bunny in the store

76. Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Please click the Hint Giver Easel under the hunt sign

77. B!ASTA
Dang, I can't seem to find that hidden candy - but I have a feeling that it's somewhere in the Big Apple. Do you happen to have a map of New York? That would be quite helpful...

78. Loveless Creations
 Careful she bites.

79. Kelli Kreations
Please come and take a rest, Remember its not a test.

80. AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
"second floor : woman hint  : sexy outfits is my thing ~ men hint:  formal cloths are my thing "

81. Aly's shop
 I like candy but Teddy is my favorite toy.

82. -ch- store
 It's so hot in here...


84. The Wet Spot
The boo! bunny likes this place! Lots of sexy girls and a nude beach...oh is that a flamingo??

After completing the hunt, you will be given a set of mini-hunt clues to find the boo! bunny's hidden forest.