Please use the links to get from store to store-hints are listed below.  If it says Hint Giver, find the hint giver for the store to get your clue.


1 Grumble
HINT: Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

2 Facepalm 
HINT: You better get some dinner before the white walkers eat it all!

3 Abstract Soul
HINT:  I twist and I climb upwards.

4 Day Dreamer SKIP

5 Virtual Textures
HINT:   This turkey is so lucky!

6 [blissiere] 
HINT: mirror mirror on the wall --
at the tips of your fingers, you'll find it all.

8 Rekt
HINT:  i am concealed by an undistinguished common item often thrown and/or battered

9 Sweet Evil
HINT:  Have a seat and get comfy!

10 Deluxe Body Factory
HINT: Hint Giver

11 Sevyn East
 HINT:  calm down and ...............

12 OMG! Inc.
HINT:  Take a seat and maybe get lucky!

13 MOoH! 
HINT:  Let the autumn breeze blow in

14 StoraxTree
HINT: Look near the hunt poster

HINT: Finding this gift will be another feather on your cap...ummm head!

16 Lushish Catz
HINT:  Pretty arrangement adds a feather


17 Vindiktive  
HINT: I love me some Tim Burton style stuff!

18 Out of Orbit   
HINT: I come at the end of Thanksgiving!

19 The Artist Shed
HINT:  Meow!

20 Stitches Creations
HINT:  Please, no horsing around!

21 [evoLove]    
HINT:  round & round you go where you stop nobody knows

22 Myth
HINT: Hint Giver

23 Tigerpaw Home Decor  
HINT:    hot cocoa warms us on cold days

24 Kitty Creations 
 HINT:     Of all the silly things, you'll find me on the wings!

25 PeKaS Gorean & Urban Designs 
HINT:    Hint Giver

26 [VM] Vero Modero 
HINT: Hint Giver

27 The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee  
HINT:   This couch is so cozy

28 Ink Blots 
HINT:   Can a BARBED WIRE restrain a Jerkey Turkey?

29 United InshCon  
HINT: Hint Giver

30 *baci shop*    
HINT: you are invited by an angel

31 LIVIA    
HINT: Hint Giver

32 Christmas Fair
HINT: asked Jack where the gift, he hid his

33 IT! (Indulge Temptation!)   
HINT:  Oh my, was this door here before?

34 Gee 
HINT: He’s the best pet you could ever get

35 K Creations   
HINT: I like shade and fresh water!

36 Sweet Intoxication    
HINT: Pluffs my feathers to wear theses styles.

37 TANTALUM Jewelry 
HINT: Don't sit too close, it'll hurt your eyes!!!   - Hint giver will be used

38 MeshAgency    
HINT:   Run grab you fun in number 1

39 Kingswood   
HINT:   Mrs Christmas is looking after it for Mr Turkey

40 LOoLOo & Platypus   
HINT:  there is a lot of stuff in here

41 TASHI    
42 Serendipity Designs
HINT:      If you were a panda

43 Latex Station 
HINT:    Everyone loves some Tea with their turkey.

44 Yuyoo Tattoo Store    
HINT: "Come to my legs!"

45 The Little Bat  
HINT:  Where did this feather flock, why it's tickling my sock!


47 Zinner Gallery    
HINT:  I am hidden near boxes.