HINT: I saw that Stupid Cupid! He was trying on clothing in the dressing room...

2 RVi Design
HINT: Roses are red, violets are blue...where I am pointing is where I want to take you

3 Indigenous
HINT: We serve the Hard Stuff here lol

HINT: Milk and Marshmallows, perfect pair

5 Timeless Textures
HINT: So where will you go on HOLIDAY this year?

HINT: I love group gift

8 Emerald Couture
HINT: Lots of Cassidy's but feline in the middle

9 NinaX
HINT: Let's take a corny Valentine's picture using the Corny Hearts Backdrop!

HINT: Everything is Rosie

11 Earthworx
HINT: Second floor, Across from the gifts, Curled up by the fire, Cupids arrow awaits

HINT: I love the new Natural Gradient section!

13 Loordes of London
HINT: Look Near hunt poster

14 StoraxTree
HINT: Look near hunt poster

15 Truly Outrageous Fashion

16 LOoLOo & the Platypus
HINT: Can't buy me love!


18 Starlight
HINT: Power Point on the Top Floor is closest to Me

19 rack@steamingahead
HINT: That is a YELLOW dress!

20 ~*Starshine Design*~
HINT: If you examine the pillars in the shop carefully, you'll find me

21 .EscalateD.
HINT: 'Take a seat and win some cool prizes. Btw I love ferns...'

HINT: Its not a Harley, but better than nothing!

23 BlondeQueen
HINT: search for a pierced pillow :)

HINT: Hey Cupid! This isn't Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven!
HINT: men - dashing threw the snow, Woman - sitting by the light

26 The Little Bat
HINT: That Cupid shot me right in the eye!

27 Wicked, Inc.
HINT: That Cupid guy is dangerous. That's why I'm hiding where danger lurks in the pipes.

HINT: Flowers are so romantic!

29 Go Frock Yourself
HINT: Maybe Esmeralda knows where your prize is.

30 Crayon's Closet
HINT: Seems like Cupid found the mark, find the arrow in the heart.

31 The Artist Shed
HINT: Mmm...candy hearts...

32 Sassy Brats
HINT: Kisses at the beach are romantic!

33 Sadie's Design
HINT: Feeling welcome in this land of..wonderland

HINT: Look inside the Store for an orange heart and you will find your gift!


36 Razzles
HINT: See Hint Giver

37 Ari-Pari
HINT: Be sure to look high and low... especially HIGH!

38 Lush 
HINT: Keep the arrows under the desk!

39 OMG! Inc.
HINT: Is this too casual for Paris?

HINT: This barn looks so cute and cozy

HINT: Cupid Shot the Social Guru

HINT: Roses are Red - Cupid is Blue Arrows go up, and Red is the Clue

43 ZFG  

HINT: This is a beautiful furnished cottage!

45 Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT: Wildflower Meadows textures

46 Mishmash Fusion
HINT: You Stupid Cupid, that isn't a person, it's a statue with a gas mask!

47 Dreamscapes Art Gallery
HINT: Hint Giver at Hunt Sign

48 Wiccan Wears
HINT: From E to L

49 Splintered Creations
HINT: Halfway between In and Out

HINT: I love a NERD!

HINT: See Hint Giver

52 Applique` Chic 
HINT: Do you have change for a 5$

53 Lady Dragons Design
HINT: I'm Allergic will give you the gift

54 The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co.
HINT: Welcome to The Bold Llama lobby. The store is this way everyone ----->

55 Something New
HINT: A Bad Guy will Juggle your Heart!

56 .::LUNA::.
HINT: I believe in Aliens!

57 Purple Moon Seasonal
HINT: Love you to the Moon...

58 Zinner Shapes & Gallery
HINT: Do you love me?

59 .Princess Stuff.
HINT: Love everywhere, Love in the air? My puppies do not care!