Stores that were not ready at the start of the hunt will be marked SKIP.

If you would like to join the EVIL BUNNY HUNTS group for help > secondlife:///app/group/cf5b5b70-3476-ad6b-9b05-ed710b367c04/about

No spoilers! Help and hints are welcome.

Here is what you are looking for:

Use the hints and URL store locations below to get yourself some fantastic 1L goodies!


1 Grumble 

HINT: I saw that boo! bunny taking money from the register to buy candy!

2 Sevyn East

 HINT: Mirror mirror on the wall 

3 Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs

HINT: "The Fall Season is for falling leaves, pumpkins and BLACK CATS."

4 Atlantis Design 

HINT: Peek A BOO! Upstairs

5 !!Firelight!!   

HINT: I am feeling a bit Goth today

6 MOoH! 

HINT: Kitties love to celebrate the day of the dead too!

7 zfg

HINT: Vix keeps hiding the candy in the skulls

8 Khargo Halloween

HINT: See hint giver at store

9 Short Leash    

HINT: Uh oh- someone's in the dog house!

10 Something New 

HINT: Check your bag of candy corn before you enter the Asylum!

11 Ema's Secret

 HINT: I love group gift!

12  .:: StunnerOriginals ::. 

 HINT: Dogs sweeten our lives

13  NinaX

HINT: Take a seat and have a look around!

14 Little 2 Large

HINT: I'm not inside a building, I'm up against a wall, look around the courtyard and then enjoy your haul 

15 [HC] Hopes Creations

HINT: Waltzing through the pumpkin patch!

16 La Bella Boutique 

HINT: I am protected by those with stripes. Sit here and claim your prize. 

17 SomeOne Stole My Sign

 HINT: Over the moon  


18 The Artist Shed

 1..2...Freddy's coming for you!


19 DəˈFīənt Unicorn 

HINT: When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween

20    NewtiQue   

HINT: Salem witches will arise

21 Ink Blots

HINT: I hope BooBunny isn't afraid of the DIABLITO

22 Off the Wall

HINT: Tis the season 

23 Facet Originals

HINT: I found some candy near the corner of Madison and Antonia

24 Changed Seasons

HINT: Watch your step as those hands hold tight to drag you to the depths of darkness

25 Zinner Shapes & Gallery

HINT: I am vibrating like a heart

26 After Midnight Fashion 

HINT: F-A gem is an accessory that should never be hidden 
M- The spirits says your goodies are purrrrfectly safe 

27 Lush

 HINT: He loves a challenge

28 Wiccan Wears

HINT: Hang your hat and stay a while

29 .EscalateD.

HINT: Treat me with something wicked

30 Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

HINT: Ever had it Raena when you are trick-or-treating?   

31 Dark Intentions

HINT: Halloween is a GRAVE matter

32 Moondust

 HINT: I love talking to the dead

33 {RP} Reina Photography

HINT: "I came in like a wrecking ball"

34 Sherbert

HINT: Beep beep!

35 BlondeQueen

HINT: Look in the Gacha room!


HINT: LIKE Us! Join Us On Facebook!

37 Sixx 

HINT: It's just a jump to the left. And then a step to the right  

38 Hogs And Cart Wheels   

HINT:Must Be in the B huh

39 .::LUNA::. Body Art

HINT: Look at me and find your candy corn 

40 Purple Moon

 HINT: How many owls do you see?   

41  Epicine    

HINT: I like neon crystals!

42 Sassy Brats

HINT: A little birdie told me that it will soon be Halloween!

43 The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co.   

HINT: On a dark Halloween night, there's nothing as good as lying in bed with a scary Stephen King book and a reading lamp to guide your way. 

44 Emerald Couture

HINT: Sundaes? I'm looking for candy!   

45 Chimeric Arts & Fashions

HINT: Mixing mushroom potions to drink is a barrel of laugh 

46 The Sissy Bar

HINT: Pretending to be a bow tie! GATCHA!

47 Timeless Textures

HINT: Ooooh I wonder what secret lies inside the box! 

48 OMG! Inc.

HINT: Peek-a-Boo! I am hiding behind some door somewhere

49 United InshCon

HINT: Hint giver at landing point   

50 ~PP~

HINT: What the fork!

HINT: Are you tired?

52 Sweet Evil 

HINT: Check out the new stuff 

53 MaCherie    

HINT:*Send a message or notecard*

54 Dreamscapes Art Gallery

HINT: Hint giver at hunt sign

55 Tipster's

 HINT: How do you make a tissue dance? Blow a boogie in it

56 Illustrious   

From here, I can see a VERY FRIGHTFUL thing, its orange and glows during the night.

57 anny's Fashion

HINT: What a beautiful party dress....

58 StoraxTree

HINT: Look near hunt poster

59 Indigenous

HINT: Ahh the blood is flowing...Muhhahaaha

60 Nefeli's Gestures

HINT: Read the info's   

61 Poses With Attitude

 HINT: Orange you glad I'm easy to find? 

62 Midnyte Creations

HINT: Fishin for the big one!

63 Ari-Pari

HINT: They say that women have way to many of these, but I disagree!

64 AFI Designs

HINT: Be careful the blue ones are always watching!!

65 The Broken Glass Boutique

HINT: It's a lot cooler in the shade

66  Loordes of London

HINT: Look near hunt poster

67 Dragonmoon Designs  

HINT: Ladder To The Top Will Lead To Candy

68  rack@steamingahead 

HINT: Nice suit!

69 Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop

HINT: I would like to buy the new "Black Royal Gothic Castle"    

70 VitaVita Textures FullPerm


71 Freda - Fashion and Accessories   

HINT: The best goodies are well hidden behind the stairs

72 Applique` Chic

HINT: Do you have change for a $5   


HINT: I saw some candy on the floor behind that pink pumpkin.

74 MedievalFantasy Store    SKIP

75[Jhon Jones ] Shapes And Acessories

 HINT: Time goes by and more and more the clock gets sweeter

76   Meander   

HINT: Just a big sign of Halloween

77 VENGE  

HINT: Look behind Death

78 **Half Cat**

HINT: Finding this prize may be a piece of cake.

79 Just Peachy   

HINT: That's a monster of a deliciosa! 

80 JANUS shapes +

HINT: Hint1: Eye see you Hint 2: What's your name