╔═~☠~.:K&B:. Presents~☠~════════╗
     ~☠~ Bleepin Masquerade ~☠~
         ~❤~ Masquerade Ball ~❤~
       Wednesday, Aug. 14th, 6pm slt
                Prizes, prizes, prizes!
         ⊱❤⊰ Sponsored by...  ⊱❤⊰
        ⊱❤⊰ .:K&B:. & Grumble ⊱❤⊰
╚═════════~☠~:The BittR.end:~☠~═╝

So the Bleeping Bunny Hunt is almost over...

As we wind down and try to regain composure, smooth down our hair that we have tried to pull out of our heads and make amends for all those nasty words we muttered under our breaths in everyone's shops. The BittR end will be hosting .:K&B:. as they give away prizes from Grumble and their own store to those in Masquerade Costumes. Come on down and get in on the last minute hunting and walk away with a few prizes. Tell stories about which store had you screaming the most but most of all, let's have some fun and rock out!!! The Club will be decorated in Red and Black to match the store's colour scheme's. Costumes in theme would be nice to see but everyone is welcome. See you on the 14th.  ~CLICK HERE FOR A QUICK RIDE~


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