Get ready-the BLEEPING BUNNY starts his cursing at midnight!


That #$%@& Bunny! Running around, moving, hiding things and making a mess- can't find anything when he is around.  Welcome to the Bleeping Bunny Hunt- a hunt so hard you'll want to curse! Every designer will provide you a hint, a riddle, or a scavenger hunt of clues to find the hidden exclamation mark! You'll encounter decoys along the way, but stick with it and you'll be rewarded.  Our sponsors will be giving you some bleeping fantastic specials, freebies and mini-hunts!  Be sure to check each sponsor's store for specific information on their special event or item for you! It's the BLEEPING BUNNY HUNT-meant to be hard-if it's easy, why do it!

Use the hint page (tab above) for URL links (in the store #)-starting point is @ Grumble.

There are decoys in this hunt-it's required-we want you to work! Preview the gifts and the sponsors special items for you using the tabs above.

Group chat is now on-happy hunting!


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