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Jerky Turkey Rules

RULES This hunt is easy-we ask you to follow a few simple rules: 1.Display your poster as soon as you get your welcome to the hunt confirmation. 2. Read all notecards and become familiar with the time-line for the hunt. 3. We expect everyone to be ready to go.  If we send you a note to correct an issue with your store, we'll give you 48 hours to take care of it.  After that we will remove and replace your store no questions asked.  We aren't trying to be mean, however it isn't fair to the rest of the stores in the hunt and hunters to have hunt flow disturbed because you cant' be ready on time and we don't have the time to track you down. 4. Group membership is required for this hunt. 5. Send in your hint notecard and photo of your gift for the blog. INFORMATION We will have a bloggers box for all participants to place down their hunt items for blogging and promotions.  You may or may not participate, your choice.  Top 10 spots in the hunt will be for sp


We will be sending applications out in the evil bunny hunts group, grumble vip group and setting them up on our new hunt apps blog and on sim.