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The Jerky Turkeys final resting place!


Thank you!

Thank you for hunting the Jerky Turkey and we hope you had fun! Join us for our next hunt-STUPID CUPID-starting Feb. 1st!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the evil bunny hunt group!

The Stupid Cupid Hunt Applications NOW OPEN


Skip #22

Store is missing, we'll keep you updated.

Grumble's new WINTER MARKET now open!

While hunting-take a break and check out the new GRUMBLE WINTER MARKET!


He's causing mayhem and we need help to stop him! 43 stops and the turkey hideout await you! Happy hunting!

The Jerky Turkey is loose in 2 hours!

Hunt starts at midnight at Grumble ! Get your hunting shoes on!

Jerky Turkey Hunt 2 on the destination guide!

The hidden forest for those that didn't get to check it out! End of Boo! Bunny Hunt


Applications close October 31st!


#69 ::WetCat:: Builds and Poses

The sim owner is having to close the sim until Sunday 10/28, so this location on the hunt will be unavailable until then.  Please use the blog to bypass. thank you!

#50 & #52 Sim Down

Will update when we know more.  IB Designs and Lusty's

#78 SOPHISTISHAPES gifts set to sell!

Be sure to drop back in-2 gifts, one male and one female hidden separately and set to sell!


Male and female gifts-neither set to sell-as soon as the store owner gets them fixed, we'll let you know. thanks!

#25 set to sell!

Be sure to go back and grab it!

Be sure to join the group for notices!

We put out notices as soon as we find an issue, something the needs to be bypassed, SL tp issues etc.-join the evil bunny hunts group by touching any hunt poster at any of the locations in the hunt.


Oct. 15-31-This is a store-wide hunt in cooperation with Grumble's Boo! Bunny Hunt. 10 candy corns have been hidden in the store, each priced at 1L & containing a new, exclusive, and unreleased gesture. Gifts for both genders are included.

The Boo! Bunny is running amuck! Hunt him today!

The Boo! Bunny hunt has started and he's stealing all the candy! Use the hint blog and start hunting him down to catch him in his hidden forest!  Hunt runs through Oct. 31st-visit the hunt gifts tab to check out the fantastic designs this group of designers has made for you.

Unscheduled Maintenance-Grumble 1 sim TP issues

LL has a few issues with some simulators currently and there is an off and on problem with access to some sims.  If you have an issue getting onto the main Grumble sim for the hunt start, use Grumble 2 as a landing point-I am going to add the URL here for easy access-there is a hunt board and info candy bucket at the landing on sim 2 as well. Maintenance is supposed to start about 5am pst Monday. Happy Hunting!

Less than 12 hours away to the start of the hunt!

The designers are ready to roll! Amazing gifts, twists and turns await you-it all starts at GRUMBLE at midnight tonight!  We have a $1000L gift card on the EVIL BUNNY HUNT group Midnight Mania Board-just join the group by touching the carrot or hunt poster and enter to win!  Use the hints link to the left to maneuver through the hunt and find the hidden bunny in his haunted forest!

TICK TICK TICK-Only 6 days until the bunny is loose!

Midnight on Monday October 15th the bunny is loose! Ohh piece of candy...ohh piece of candy...that boo! bunny is a jokester! Dressed as a ghost, yelling BOO! at everyone, stealing their candy and running away-little does he know he's left us a trail of shiny wrapped yummies to help hunt him down.  The Boo! Bunny is a fun halloween hunt -Follow the trail of candy and you'll be led to the dark forest where the boo! bunny has stashed all the goodies he's picked up along the way. Gifts from 20 sponsors await you! Don't delay, the bunny is running amuck, scaring everyone and most of all stealing the halloween treats! Hunt him down and stop him before the candy is gone! COME AND HUNT FOR THAT BOO! BUNNY- October 15th-31st.

Next up-The Jerky Turkey Hunt 2


Hunt is set!

83 designers and 1 hidden forest! Get ready to hunt the Boo! Bunny. Hunt starts October 15th-check out participating stores & sponsors!

Hunt Applications coming to a close!

Get your application in by Sept. 30th to get in this hunt!  Visit the evil bunny hunts office to apply.

Still accepting applications!

We already have 60 fantastic designers lined up for this hunt and will be accepting applications through september.  Be sure to drop into the evil bunny hunts office to grab an application!

Applications available for Boo! Bunny Hunt

TP to the Evil Bunny Hunts office to grab your application!

Applications available soon! NEW HUNT!!


The secret sponsor prize room at the end of the hunt!


Buy an AD BOARD at Grumble! Summer promo special!

SUMMER AD BOARD SPECIALS! $200/WEEK SUMMER SPECIAL-THROUGH AUGUST!!! We have had many people contact us about advertising at Grumble, so we have installed ad boards on the sim. Grumble Advertising Boards Enhance your presence on the grid with one of Grumble's Advertising Boards. A few good reasons to advertise your club/business/shop at Grumble:   -With traffic on our sims between 30k- 45k/day, your ad will be seen by thousands of avatars, interest will pick up and so will your sales! -VIP group of over 27,000 members & subscriber of over 3,000. -Stores that purchase ad boards will be listed on Grumble's blog as a Grumble Advertiser.  Our blog receives 1-3k hits/day. For the small cost of 200L a week, you can rent one of our great ad boards.  Increase your popularity, traffic and sales rent one of our great Ad Boards today! Boards are located at the walkway between Sim 1 & Sim 2.  Just tp over, pay the board for how many weeks you'd like and it will walk you through

The Bunny is Beached! Time to help dig him out.

Starting point is at Grumble.

A Preview of the Beached Bunny 2 Hunt


73 stores are ready to beach the bunny, are you ready to help dig him out? SAVE THE BUNNY!

The Hunt Is Set!

73 designers & 20 sponsors! We are excited with the amazing designers in this hunt!  We'll be starting to post hunt gifts and our designer list very soon, so stay tuned for more details!


We will stop accepting apps on the 30th so get them in! Bloggers and designers-we are up to 70 already so looking at a fun fun hunt!  Visit our EVIL BUNNY HUNTS OFFICE  today!

Thank you for hunting the EVIL BUNNY

We had a GREAT hunt and it's all because of you! Our designers and all make hunting fun! Next up: BEACHED BUNNY HUNT 2-Be sure to grab your applications for designers/bloggers at the EVIL BUNNY HUNTS OFFICE-on the Grumble 2 sim next to 10.  Hunters-please feel free to stay in the group as the designers will be sending notices and sales/specials out for their shops-you won't want to miss it! See you all in June.

BEACHED BUNNY HUNT 2-Applications available now!

June 15th- June 30th

Happy Easter!

The perfect day to start hunting! Be sure to drop in at Grumble and touch the BIG BLUE easter egg for a gift from us to you! Have a blessed Easter!

The Evil Bunny Hunt 2-In Full Swing

If you haven't started hunting, hop on over to Grumble, touch the big carrot for a group tag-slap the evil bunny for a sleuth hat, magnifying glass and easter basket and all the info you need about the hunt!  Use the hints page to help you at each store location-be sure to take a few minutes to check each location out-there are some wonderful sales & specials going on!  Save LMs for use to return later, after you catch that evil bunny too! Be sure to get into any store subscribos you like so you can keep up-to-date with the designers and all their new work!  Happy Hunting! Rules for chat: No rudeness No giving away exact egg locations Have fun! If you need assistance, please call out but remember, this is a hunt-you are going to have to spend some time looking.

Evil Bunny Hunt Is Underway!



Get your sleuth hats on! Time to start hunting soon!!

Happy April Fools! Evil Bunny Starts Tuesday!

Get your sleuth caps ready, the evil bunny is back and at it again-starting Tuesday hunt him down and collect some amazing gifts along the way-at the end of the hunt, you'll find his golden egg room where he has stashed all he's stolen throughout the hunt!  Join the group at any participating store by touching the poster, or TP  over to Grumble and slap our large carrot for the group info! DJ SKAR SCORPIO will be spinning tunes live on Grumble beginning at 10am slt all-day to launch the hunt and our model bunny staff will be there 24/7 to assist all hunters!

Evil Bunny Hunt 2 coming April 3rd!

Check it out on the SL destination guide!

59 FANTASTIC Designers in EBH2!

13 Sponsors & 59 Stores total-a fantastic hunt, large enough to be a challenge yet small enough to actually make it through!  Be sure to check the website daily as we'll be having many updates all-day long.

LAST CALL-acceptance packs go out thursday 3/15!

Today is the last day to turn in apps for EBH2! Head to grumble and touch the poster at the front of the womens store for a link to the skybox headquarters to get an app or turn one in.

Application deadline is March 15th

If you would like to participate , visit grumble and touch the poster for the LM to our headquarters where you can pick up and return your application to participate as a designer or a blogger.

The Evil Bunny Is Back!!

That damn evil bunny is back in town! Causing a mess everywhere he goes.  Start hunting him on April 3rd, apply to create evil and be a designer in the hunt here . Applications can be returned to the drop box when complete.