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Thank you for hunting!

Jerky Turkey has left for greener pastures-stay tuned for the EVIL CUPID hunt-more details after the first of the year! Happy Holidays.

JERKY TURKEY is underway

COME AND HUNT FOR THAT JERKY TURKEY! That turkey, he's so jerky!  Running around SL throwing feathers around, knocking stuff down, being loud and obnoxious-it's time to hunt him and bring it to a stop! 79 fantastic designers are having their stores littered by this turkey-starting point is right here at grumble where the turkey has left his feathers all over the pumpkins!  Find the pumpkins and find the orange feather to lead you to the next stop on the path of the jerky turkey. Need hints and help-check out our blog where every hint will take you to the next location and every feather has the landmark for the next shop. If you have troubles or need assistance, please feel free to post in group chat where you can find some help-to join the group touch the huge orange feather for the evil bunny hunt group. All we ask is that you don't give direct locations of feathers to other hunters.  We hope you enjoy hunting the jerky turkey and at the hunts end, all complete

Almost ready to go!

The JERKY TURKEY hunt starts up in a mere 9 1/2 hours!  The gifts are packed and that jerky turkey is getting himself worked up to be, well, jerky.  Be sure to join the evil bunny hunts group for all the help and hints for the hunt.

The Starting Point!


Hunt starts Tuesday!

Get your turkey feathers fluffed and your magnifying glasses ready, the jerky turkey is about to cause chaos!  Hunt starts in 2 days!

We LOVE Bloggers!

Jerky Turkey Hunt in the Destination Guide!

We made the guide! Now bring on the pressure!  Nah teasing, it's time for some jerky turkey fun!


It's listed on the destination guide and the designers are almost ready to go!  Be sure to join the EVIL BUNNY HUNT GROUP to stay up-to-date on all the hunting action.

Currently accepting bloggers!

If you would like to blog the hunt and get a preview of the fantastic hunt gifts, please contact allie munro for an application.


Monday the 24th is the last day so hurry and get your application in!

64 AWESOME stores in the hunt so far!

Check out the accepted designers page for a full listing!

51 stores in and ready to go!

We have 51 amazing designers so far in the hunt-applications are being taken until october 24th-if you'd like to apply we have a brand new evil bunny hunts central office located at grumble-take the tp board at the landing point to hunts!

Vendor boxes will go out on 10/10!

We already have a great list of designers participating in the hunt and still have room for a few more-if you'd like to participate, grab the application from the tab above and send it in!

Jerky Turkey Rules

RULES This hunt is easy-we ask you to follow a few simple rules: 1.Display your poster as soon as you get your welcome to the hunt confirmation. 2. Read all notecards and become familiar with the time-line for the hunt. 3. We expect everyone to be ready to go.  If we send you a note to correct an issue with your store, we'll give you 48 hours to take care of it.  After that we will remove and replace your store no questions asked.  We aren't trying to be mean, however it isn't fair to the rest of the stores in the hunt and hunters to have hunt flow disturbed because you cant' be ready on time and we don't have the time to track you down. 4. Group membership is required for this hunt. 5. Send in your hint notecard and photo of your gift for the blog. INFORMATION We will have a bloggers box for all participants to place down their hunt items for blogging and promotions.  You may or may not participate, your choice.  Top 10 spots in the hunt will be for sp


We will be sending applications out in the evil bunny hunts group, grumble vip group and setting them up on our new hunt apps blog and on sim.

Preview of the end of the hunt!

If you haven't gotten here yet, take a sneak peek at the sponsors room! Now to finish the hunt and find it!



#41 Elemental Earth Designs

Hint  now on blog and hunt item ready to go! Make sure you go back and grab it if you've passed it up.

Hunt gifts! Just In



Look around- don't spend 5 minutes and say you can't find something-designers take a lot of time on hunt gifts and have them in good hiding spots.  Give the lag a bit of time to rez the items. thank you and enjoy!

#2 Razorblade Jacket set and ready!

If you missed #2, please go back and grab it AWESOME store, and i'm sure you've already been ;)

Another awesome hunt gift!

Just got this photo from one of our sponsors. FUN FUN Beachin' seal tip jar from Devilishly Deviant Designs.


Beached Bunny is officially open!  Grab your bucket and information at the Grumble landing point and be on your way!

Newly added hunt gift pictures-Hunt start 6/10 at midnight



For those of you that may not be able to see the prize stream on the side column,  here is a preview of some of the hunt prizes in the BEACHED BUNNY HUNT. MORE will be posted as they come in.  HUNT STARTS AT MIDNIGHT FRIDAY JUNE 10TH- grab your tag at grumble.

Beached Bunny Hunt Makes The Destination Guide! FEATURED EVENTS FANTASTIC!

Hunt starts in 4 days!

Vendors are finishing up their gifts and getting their hints ready for you to help dig out the beached bunny-starting point is at grumble and will start at midnight on the 10th-this friday-do you have your shovel ready?

Well He Really Did It This Time

He went out and overdid it at Easter and ate all his snacks.. Poor Bunny.. fell in the water and somehow has beached himself.  Grab your buckets and shovels and help dig this poor chocolate bloated bunny out of his predicament.  Hunt Starts June 10th and goes till July 10th. Lets have another great hunt!

Naughty Bunnies

The evil bunny decided to come by the Grumble Sim and get evil with one of the hunters. But then he calmed down some and decided that he should do the hunt too.. looks like he's having a great time!

The Evil Bunny Strikes at 90degrees

90degrees did an awesome job decorating the store here are some great shots of it.