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Hunt starts now!!!

Hunt starts at midnight Friday night!

Saturday at 12:01AM SLT it's time to hunt that jerky turkey!  Get your thinking caps ready to go!


Get your store into our last hunt of the year-the 4th year of the JERKY TURKEY HUNT.  Application link to the right on this blog.

TJTH4-applications NOW open!

We will accept applications until November 4th. Hunt begins Nov. 15th! Click image to right to go to the designer application form-please read the designer information below (right column)

Applications open soon!


Boo! Bunny Hunt 3 starts Wednesday!

The Boo! Bunny Hunt 3 designers are getting ready to go and the Boo! Bunny of course is already running around being a pain in the $(&%(#&&!  Hunt starts Wednesday with over 80 stores!

Thank you!

Thank you for hunting the Bleeping Bunny! We had an amazing hunt and I do hope you had a lot of fun, and kept your cursing to a minimum. Next hunt: Boo! Bunny Hunt 3-our biggest hunt each year and my favorite holiday!  We'll see you October 15th.

The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2-Starts at Grumble August 1st!


The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2 starts at midnight!

Get ready, this is a HARD HUNT! It's a hunt so hard, it will make you want to curse!  But hang in there, get past the decoys and solve the hints to find your reward!  The 1st 10 stores are sponsors and will have special things just for you, whether it's mini-hunts, group only gifts, gachas, midnight mania boards and more! Be sure to make it all the way through and claim that you finished the hardest hunt and get yourself some amazing gifts!  Here is what you are looking for: And YES there are decoys-use the hints page and get to hunting! The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2, starts Friday August 1st!

Applications are now closed!

Vendor boxes will be going out tonight-7/16-Wednesday.

Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2 Applications NOW OPEN

Please read the DESIGNER REQUIREMENTS ----tab on the right----before filling out the hunt application. Applications close July 13th.

The bunny was beached!

Just in case you never reached the end, here is the beach where the bunny was stuck-he is now back at home in his overstuffed chair waiting to cause havoc for the Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2 in August. THANK YOU for hunting!

3 days left to finish hunting! Dig out that beached bunny!

Don't miss out on finishing the hunt! Use the blog for hints and merchant order and get yourself those fantastic gifts! Also be sure to get in those vip groups and subscribers and keep those landmarks to re-visit your favorites!


The bunny is beached and it's up to you to find 58 sand pails and get him dug out!

Here is the hunt item you'll be looking for!


Get ready to dig out that beached bunny!

Too many peeps at easter has made him bottom heavy and he's stuck in the sand! Collect all of the sand pails along the hunt route and dig him out! Hunt starts SUNDAY JUNE 1ST @ Grumble.  Be sure to check out the hunt gift  photos and get ready to dig!

Beached Bunny Hunt 4 Apps now closed

Applications for the Beached Bunny Hunt 4 are now closed!

He's gone! For now.....

Thank you for hunting the Evil Bunny! He's left the grid for awhile, but I have a feeling he'll be back....soon.

Everyone is hunting that evil bunny! HURRY, hunt runs through Tuesday!


Even dragons do the bunny hunt!

The dragon is even sporting the Sherlock Holmes cap, magnifying glass and Easter basket!

10 days left to find that Evil Bunny!

Get to hoppin' on the hunt! You have over 90 stops to make & many have naughty and nice eggs...time is limited!

The EVIL BUNNY strikes on Tuesday APRIL 1ST!

This is NOT an April Fool's Joke! The bunny, he's back!

NEW URL FOR THE HUNT OFFICE & NEW MALL RENTALS! New hunt office in the Grumble Plaza! Rentals are available on the Grumble sim in small, large, flagship stores and carts!

Evil Bunny Hunt Office Moving

Hunt office is moving-as soon as it's down we'll update the URL link here on the blog-until then anything you need please drop it directly on Allie Munro.

92 stores in the line-up for Evil Bunny Hunt 4!

Today the vendor packs went out to all 92 designers-it's going to be an AWESOME HUNT! Both nice and naughty eggs will be hidden across the grid, some designers are doing both for you! Follow the clues the evil bunny leaves behind to find his golden egg stash at the end-more details to sure to join our in-world hunt group EVIL BUNNY HUNTS. Hunt starts April 1st.

Thank you for hunting STUPID CUPID!

Just in case you didn't reach cupid's secret garden, here are a few pictures of where the little pain hid his stuff!  Thank you sponsors for your amazing gifts! Next hunt up is EVIL BUNNY HUNT 4!


 ╔═~❤~BittR Presents~❤~═════════╗       ~❤~ 3rd Annual Vday Ball ~❤~         Friday, Feb. 14th, 2-6pm slt         Shinedown Tribute @ 6pm      ⊱❤⊰ Theme: Red & Black ⊱❤⊰  ╚══════════════~❤~ .:K&B:. ~❤~═╝         ✔▨Sponsored By: Grumble ~~ You still have time to grab Cupids Arrow ~~

Only 5 days left to hunt down Stupid Cupid!

Grab your friends or that special loved one and do a valentine hunt together! Use the hints tab for hints and URL locations for over 107 stops!  After that you'll be given a clue to find a final arrow to direct you to cupid's hidden garden!

I just saw STUPID CUPID running around Grumble!

I am sure he's causing all sorts of chaos! Use the blog-HINT TAB TO THE RIGHT-to follow the hunt path and help find stupid cupid!  Please be patient as the hunt starts up as a few prims may be missing or not set to sell-we'll keep everything updated as it changes. HAPPY HUNTING!

Stupid Cupid hits the grid in 4 days!

Only 4 days until stupid cupid leaves his trail of arrows for you to try and catch him!

We got nominated!

We are thrilled to have been nominated for a Huntie award for Best Grid-wide hunt-Evil Bunny and Best Organizer! Though we didn't win, being  nominated was awesome! Thank you!