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The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2-Starts at Grumble August 1st!


The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2 starts at midnight!

Get ready, this is a HARD HUNT! It's a hunt so hard, it will make you want to curse!  But hang in there, get past the decoys and solve the hints to find your reward!  The 1st 10 stores are sponsors and will have special things just for you, whether it's mini-hunts, group only gifts, gachas, midnight mania boards and more! Be sure to make it all the way through and claim that you finished the hardest hunt and get yourself some amazing gifts!  Here is what you are looking for: And YES there are decoys-use the hints page and get to hunting! The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2, starts Friday August 1st!

Applications are now closed!

Vendor boxes will be going out tonight-7/16-Wednesday.