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Thank You!

We hope you had a great time hunting the bunny and helping dig him out! Be sure to take a second to thank the designers who made the gifts you love! Join us for BLEEPING BUNNY HUNT-starts August 1st. Applications are open to designers until July 15th.


It's a bit different than our regular way-it's a hard hunt-BLEEPING BUNNY Hunt starts august 1st. You are required to have at least 5 decoys and sponsors are chosen by the idea they have for their store promoting the hunt whether it's a mini hunt or a gacha or specially designed gift for hunt group-the sky's the limit with ideas! Apply on the blog (TAB UP TOP) or in the office .

The bunny left his stuff! Find the buckets to help dig him out!

It appears the beached bunny left his stuff at Grumble.....he needs help! Start the hunt by finding our bucket-or try the mini hunt and find the 5 shovels to help you along your way!

Hunt starts in 1 Hour & 45 Minutes!

Chat has been opened up in the EVIL BUNNY HUNTS group-so if you need help-please ask. Rules are:Be respectful & never give the exact prim location. Use the hints tab for help If a store doesn't have the bucket out, we'll alert you in group notice that it's ready We try to have 100% completion, but it isn't always possible-just skip a store you can't find the prim at and NC Allie Munro who will follow up on the location. Enjoy and HAPPY HUNTING!


 ╔═*☠*BittR Presents*☠*════╗    **Beached Bunny Kick off **         *☠* 6:00pm SLT  *☠* ╚════════*☠*w/ .:K&B:.*☠*═╝ ✔▨Ⓢ ponsored By: .:K&B:. That's right BittR.end it's Friday night and we are in the mood to have a good time and get together a search party for that pesky Beached Bunny. He's left his bucket hiding somewhere near the club. So come on in and listen to the tunes and get your Trivia on. Prizes will be given out from .:K&B:. & Grumble.

BEACHED BUNNY HUNT 3 MINI HUNT @ GRUMBLE! Find 5 shovels to get your hunt started!