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Applications close October 31st!


Oct. 15-31-This is a store-wide hunt in cooperation with Grumble's Boo! Bunny Hunt. 10 candy corns have been hidden in the store, each priced at 1L & containing a new, exclusive, and unreleased gesture. Gifts for both genders are included.

Unscheduled Maintenance-Grumble 1 sim TP issues

LL has a few issues with some simulators currently and there is an off and on problem with access to some sims.  If you have an issue getting onto the main Grumble sim for the hunt start, use Grumble 2 as a landing point-I am going to add the URL here for easy access-there is a hunt board and info candy bucket at the landing on sim 2 as well. Maintenance is supposed to start about 5am pst Monday. Happy Hunting!

Less than 12 hours away to the start of the hunt!

The designers are ready to roll! Amazing gifts, twists and turns await you-it all starts at GRUMBLE at midnight tonight!  We have a $1000L gift card on the EVIL BUNNY HUNT group Midnight Mania Board-just join the group by touching the carrot or hunt poster and enter to win!  Use the hints link to the left to maneuver through the hunt and find the hidden bunny in his haunted forest!

TICK TICK TICK-Only 6 days until the bunny is loose!

Midnight on Monday October 15th the bunny is loose! Ohh piece of candy...ohh piece of candy...that boo! bunny is a jokester! Dressed as a ghost, yelling BOO! at everyone, stealing their candy and running away-little does he know he's left us a trail of shiny wrapped yummies to help hunt him down.  The Boo! Bunny is a fun halloween hunt -Follow the trail of candy and you'll be led to the dark forest where the boo! bunny has stashed all the goodies he's picked up along the way. Gifts from 20 sponsors await you! Don't delay, the bunny is running amuck, scaring everyone and most of all stealing the halloween treats! Hunt him down and stop him before the candy is gone! COME AND HUNT FOR THAT BOO! BUNNY- October 15th-31st.

Next up-The Jerky Turkey Hunt 2