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The EVIL BUNNY strikes on Tuesday APRIL 1ST!

This is NOT an April Fool's Joke! The bunny, he's back!

NEW URL FOR THE HUNT OFFICE & NEW MALL RENTALS! New hunt office in the Grumble Plaza! Rentals are available on the Grumble sim in small, large, flagship stores and carts!

Evil Bunny Hunt Office Moving

Hunt office is moving-as soon as it's down we'll update the URL link here on the blog-until then anything you need please drop it directly on Allie Munro.

92 stores in the line-up for Evil Bunny Hunt 4!

Today the vendor packs went out to all 92 designers-it's going to be an AWESOME HUNT! Both nice and naughty eggs will be hidden across the grid, some designers are doing both for you! Follow the clues the evil bunny leaves behind to find his golden egg stash at the end-more details to sure to join our in-world hunt group EVIL BUNNY HUNTS. Hunt starts April 1st.