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Truth or Dare Affair applications now open!


The White Elephant Gacha Holiday Fair is NOW OPEN

Featuring some of SLs BEST designers! Buy it! Love it! Swap it! Gift it! Keep it! Sell it! Whatever you want to do with it!  All the Christmas shopping you can handle! Come grab gifts for yourself under the Christmas tree and get all of your holiday shopping done in one spot.



Thank you!

Thank you hunters for a fantastic event! Evil Bunny Hunts returns in February with the Stupid Cupid Hunt 4. Applications will open shortly for designers. If you'd like to become a blogger for the group, click the image on the right side of the page to take you to an application form.

LAST DAY for Jerky Turkey is Monday!

Be sure you've finished the hunt! We don't want you to miss out-after Monday the jerky turkey will be gone!

Jerky Turkey Hunt 5 in full swing! Hunt that turkey!

That turkey, he's so jerky!  Running around SL throwing feathers around, knocking stuff down, being loud and obnoxious-it's time to hunt him and bring it to a stop! Fantastic designers are having their stores littered by this turkey-starting point is right here at grumble where the turkey has left his feathers all over the sim!  Find the orange feather to lead you along the path of the jerky turkey. Find the feathers to find the jerky turkey and end up with gobbling gaggle of fantastic fall & thanksgiving themed prizes! COME AND HUNT FOR THAT JERKY TURKEY- Nov. 3rd-30th.


The hunt is on!

Use the hints/URL links to hunt down that boo! bunny and get yourself some fantastic Halloween themed prizes!

I saw that boo! bunny today!

He was nosing around, trying to start something, making a mess and dropping candy around....HUNT STARTS SATURDAY AT MIDNIGHT!  Don't miss it, the boo! bunny is back in town!

GRUMBLE-new location!

Grumble is moving!

Please start the hunt a #2-will be back online as soon as possible-by 9/19-ty!


This mark pictured above, may make your life hard! Welcome to the BLEEPING BUNNY HUNT 3-use the hints tab above to progress through the hunt-THIS HUNT IS MEANT TO BE HARD- you will come across decoys-some might have gifts, some note cards, others empty...but keep hunting and you'll be rewarded with the prize!  Now we would not want you area searching and just tping to the gift immediately, so use your nogans and figure out these clues-GRAB YOUR FRIENDS, work together! Some clues are riddles, others will lead you on a scavenger hunt...have fun, start a swear job, but most of all...HAPPY HUNTING!

Applications are NOW CLOSED! Hunt starts Sept. 3rd!

Get ready to put on your thinking caps, it's gonna be a tough one! Hunt starts Sept. 3rd...stay tuned for all the hints and info!

9 days left to dig out the beached bunny!

Make sure you get him dug out before time expires!

Upcoming Evil Bunny Hunts- Sept/Oct/Nov


The Beached Bunny Hunt 5 starts @ Midnight!

MINI HUNT @ Grumble-Find 5 hidden starfish on the sim-touch poster for hints-$2L each/AWESOME beach prizes  TOUCH THE BEACH BALL @ Grumble to get started! 67 stops!

The Beached Bunny Hunt 5 starts @ MIDNIGHT!

Click the hints tab up above for the line-up and all the hints! Be sure to check out the mini-hunt at Grumble at the start of the hunt, and get your pre-hunt instructions and prizes!

Applications are now closed!

Posters going out shortly!

Applications for the Beached Bunny Hunt 5 are now open!

Please click the logo to the right to access the application! Applications close June 19th.

Thank you!

Evil Bunny Hunt 5 is over-thank you for a great hunt! We will see you again over the summer for Beached Bunny!

I saw the evil bunny!

He has been hopping around Grumble waiting to cause chaos!  2 1/2 hours from now he will visit the stores, making a mess!  Get your hunting shoes on and get ready to hunt him down!

I saw that Evil Bunny today!

He knows the time is getting close! He is readying his basket, his carrot and his, well, evilness! Get ready to track him down-hunt starts at midnight April 1st and NO that is no joke! The hunt start will be at our NEW GRUMBLE STORE LOCATION -make sure you click that for a direct TP in-game. Over 70 stores ready to take that Evil Bunny's abuse!  We hope you are ready to get to hunting...

The bunny is coming!


8 days left to hunt stupid cupid!

Make sure you get to hunting, stupid cupid flies away after February 15th!

The Stupid Cupid Hunt 3 starts @ midnight!

Get ready to hunt for those arrows!  Stupid Cupid 3 starts @ midnight!

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Click up top first-read the designer information and then click the logo to the right for the application!