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Beached Bunny Hunt comes to an end!

THANK YOU for helping dig out the beached bunny! He is very appreciative, but we all know he'll pull the same thing next year after too many peeps and get stuck all over again.  Next hunt up starts October 3rd! Boo! Bunny Hunt 5 returns for the 5th year with some fantastic halloween/fall themed gifts! Be sure to join our in-world Evil Bunny Hunts group for all the hunt/event info or touch the subscriber signs around the sim to receive messages and save group space!


The hunt is live! 59 sand buckets await you...use the hint tab up top to access all of the hints/SLURLs for each stop.  Join the group if you'd like help or just to chat-no direct TP to objects, you'll get yourself banned from the group.  HAPPY HUNTING! P.S. To see hunt gifts, click the gallery link to the left over there <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< awesome preview of some fun 1L hunt gifts!!