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The JERKY TURKEY is back in town!

Evil Bunny Productions The Jerky Turkey Hunt 13 November 3rd-30th, 2023 That turkey, he's so jerky!  Running around SL throwing feathers around, knocking stuff down, being loud and obnoxious-it's time to hunt him and bring it to a stop! Fantastic designers are having their stores littered by this turkey-starting point is right here at grumble where the turkey has left his feathers all over the sim!  Find the orange feather to lead you to the next stop on the path of the jerky turkey. Find the feathers to find the jerky turkey and end up with gobbling gaggle of designer seasonal gifts! COME AND HUNT FOR THAT JERKY TURKEY- Nov. 3rd-30th. Join the EVIL BUNNY HUNTS group for help & keeping up-to-date  with all grid-wide hunts: secondlife:///app/group/cf5b5b70-3476-ad6b-9b05-ed710b367c04/about Use the hunt blog for hints and to see gift photos!