Grumpy Santa 5 Hints

GRUMPY SANTA HUNT STORE ORDER- You are looking for this at each store:

Be sure to check out the shops while you are hunting and follow their social media or join groups/subscribers. There are some fantastic gifts for the hunt, so be sure to grab them all! 

ONLY $1L each.
Tag us in photos of your hunt items, we'd love to see them!

If store says SKIP, please move on to the next location. We will update as soon as we have the information for you.



HINT: Dream Big and enjoy that lump of coal!

HINT: Are you planning to put your hair up for the holidays in a fancy updo?

HINT: Who Left Coat by the gifts?

HINT: Willa you be looking for anything special from Santa?


HINT: Go Shawty it's ya birthday

HINT:  "The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horses back" - "Sternschnuppe" is not a horse, but she is so much more!

HINT: Look for the discount items!

HINT: Only one Christmas Tree has coal! Is it yours?

HINT: Love is the best Christmas gift to give and receive.

HINT: Two Hunt Gifts : #1 ~ Santa better check on her..she seems scared! #2 ~ Sometimes the PAST gifts bring back the best memories

HINT: #1 Bunnies! #2 Art on nails?! And looks like lipstick?! #3 Didn't Cinderella's coach turn into a pumpkin at midnight? #4 I would like almond nails with Christmas plaid

HINT: Santa must have sat down for a while, and taken a rest!

HINT: Shake Shake Shake, Shake your BOOTY, Shake your Booty!

15    SKIP


HINT: Yes, Halloween is over. Take a look out of the window.

HINT: look near some tender roses

HINT: Look for Me inside the Store and You will have your Gift by Art & Fashion!

HINT: Total Madness! But Only At Midnight

HINT: I should of been on the snowman not behind him

HINT: All I wanted for Christmas was a new gamer machine, instead, I got this lump of coal.

HINT: I threw it somewhere by the tree

HINT: I am a happy cupcake.

HINT: We all gather on the RUG and open our gifts.

25  SKIP


HINT: Coal belongs in the fireplace

HINT: I'm quite tired of these sarcastic freaking items!

HINT: How many Xmas together?

HINT: Candy Cane!!!

HINT: You can find me on the shelf near the reception

HINT: Look under the Rainbow lilac Bench

HINT: TIS THE SEASON for the Grumpy Santa.

HINT: Oh no it's all gone to pot hasn't it?

HINT: Do you feel LUCKY?

HINT: Keeping you warm

HINT: What a mess.

HINT: What a lovely couple of palmettos.

HINT: I could fit this lump of coal inside that stocking...

HINT: It's back here somewhere under all these damn pillows...

HINT: Do you have change for a $5

HINT: Look inside the store because your gift is on ice.

HINT: Stupid Grumpy Santa didn't even leave the present under the tree!! He left it under a table!!

HINT: Don't count on it.


HINT: Go ahead, walk down the path and find the creepy monster chair

HINT: Coal is pretty flammable, but I think I'm far enough from the flames to be safe

HINT: Cancer sucks SEW much

HINT: "Santa's most favorite time is midnight! It's madness!!"

HINT: Having a little lunch <3

51  SKIP

52  SKIP

HINT: Grumpy Santa stopped by to visit last night.
He looked upset, like he wanted to start a fight! I was just over there, sitting by the fire, When he said loudly, "I want to retire!" He needed a break, he can't take it anymore, He wished Christmas was like it was before! Unruly children, as bratty as they can be Grown adults, disgruntled -- with no glee. Then he leaned in close... I thought for a kiss, But instead he whispered, "YOU are on the naughty list!" I was taken aback, I was out of control! Thats when Grumpy Santa stood up, and threw me some coal! He said "My bags full of this shit, here's your share!" And then he poofed up the chimney without a care.

HINT: Fashion Icon

HINT: Are you already tired of Christmas ? But a lot of Gifts you like, hm ?

HINT: "Baby, It's cold outside. I need some hot chocolate!"

HINT: Santa Claus have a gift for you under the Christmas Tree!!

HINT: Come on, baby, light my fire

HINT: Come to drink hot chocolate near the Christmas tree!!

60  SKIP

HINT: Dollarbies

HINT: Male part of the shop: Tops
Female part of the shop: Long or short dress?

HINT: Go back to childhood and look for your hunt in the Christmas symbols... God bless you and your family are the wishes of the Luxury family


HINT: love to get some hot coca at the ice rink


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