The Stupid Cupid Hunt 12 Hints

HUNT STARTS @ 12 NOON SLT Saturday Feb 3rd 
& runs through the end of the month.

You are looking for an arrow. Each arrow is ONLY 1L! Get some amazing seasonal items from a great group of designers for a fantastic deal! Be sure to look around their shop, join groups and subscribers and have some fun.


HINT: Cupid is down, I repeat, Cupid is DOWN!

HINT: If the cupid tries me this year, he's gonna get bloody!

HINT: Mirror, mirror, off the wall - who hides anything here at all?

HINT: Love CAGES the heart

HINT: I am pointing at MEGASTUFF.

HINT: Do you feel lucky?

HINT: Everyone loves a bargain!

HINT: Candy Hearts

HINT: My heart burns for you !


HINT: Just another Arrow!

HINT: I am in love with Mermaids. My arrow hit a "heart of stone" !

HINT: love is in the air in the store with several hearts the locks are close to the hearts

MALE-My Valentino is here!
FEMALE-My cupid she is very sexy!



HINT: Take a Seat and Enjoy The View

HINT: oops! Cupid hit a plant...

HINT: If I look Long enough, perhaps I shall see another world.

HINT: ill be hiding amongst the pose stands if you can fine me

HINT: You can find me on the shelf near the reception

HINT: Yeah, not too keen on all the cute stuffed animals they give you for Valentine's either!

HINT: The Only Way Is Up

HINT: Climb UP, Look DOWN!!

FEMALE - in the blue mountains 
MALE - he is half and half

Ari-Pari SKIP

HINT: these Roman togas are pretty

HINT: Spin the wheel and you may save some money.

Girassol SKIP

HINT: On the Rainbow lilac Bench!

HINT: Do you think Cupid likes Houndstooth print?

HINT: Can you fix my heart?

HINT: Love is in the air, when you enter you will find it.

HINT: Rosies Are Red
Violets are Blue
We hope you'll Love
Our gift for you!

HINT: I love flowers.

HINT: Run to the DARK ZONE of the STORE and Get Your Gift!

HINT: Sweet Conversation...

HINT: I love spooky stories!

HINT: Quietly resting as a guard on the paper and coins

HINT: Get a glass of wine and a chocolate.

Montclair CLothing Store Co.  SKIP


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