Use the below list of stores-click the store name for a URL to pop up. Visit the store, use the hint listed to find your prize. 

You are looking for a PIECE OF COAL:

If a store says SKIP, please move on to the next location. We update stores daily.

Join the hunt group for help:secondlife:///app/group/cf5b5b70-3476-ad6b-9b05-ed710b367c04/about



HINT: There is a cute Santa doggy in the back! I think I will go pet him.

2 Ari-Pari    
HINT: You'll find me near the fur-baby gifts!

HINT: I Think Santa Likes Curly Hair.

4 StoraxTree    
HINT: Look near hunt poster

HINT: My centerpiece, beautiful decorations

6 Indigenous    
HINT: look for the baubles

7 MOoH!   
HINT: These nutcrackers keep the evil spirits away
HINT:Alison will keep you warm in the cold weather.

9 Something New    
HINT: Can You Guess who has been naughty?

HINT: Keep up on Grumpy Santa's next move....Subscribe today

11 ZFG   
HINT: Quinn is the leader on the naughty list.

HINT: What does Santa do in his garden?

HINT: See hint giver at landing point

HINT: I love to hide behind the sofa!

15 Luxury Store    
HINT: Christmas is very special, it is a time for fellowship and unity, and we have several gifts for everyone and a beautiful tree that symbolizes Christmas.
And in Luxury there is a beautiful reception and a sofa for you to relax ... welcome

16 Little 2 Large    
HINT: This chunk of coal
is not too bright. It thinks it can power this light.

HINT: Are those stars in your eyes or are you just happy to see me?


HINT: Look near hunt poster

19  RVi Design    
HINT: 'Tis the season for a kiss


21 NinaX    
HINT: Got presents, check. Got GIFTBOXES?

22 MELANGE !NC.    
HINT: Festive! An Advent Calendar!

HINT: I need to get out of here, pick up your pace, before they light a fire in this small place.

F: Ooo ombre and sparkles...
M: Can't wait for 12 Days of Christmas

25 The Artist Shed    
HINT: Meow-ie Christmas!

HINT: The Place To Top Up Funds On The Perfect Christmas Gift

27 Ink Blots  
HINT: The BUNNY PLANTER would be a good place to hide a lump of coal!

28 Off the Wall    
HINT: Once upon a time a duck read a book

HINT: I wonder if anyone will notice, If i replace these with coal?

HINT: 8 Holidays rugs textures FP!

HINT: im coming

HINT: On the rock!

33 ZFG FOR HIM    
HINT: Santa's gonna be a slouch this year

34 Wiccan Wears   
HINT: Do you want to be chained or caged?

HINT: I'm a brave spirit and I might get a haircut today

36 Max Magic   
HINT: Advent of a first day

HINT: Any tips for where Santa is?

38 Applique` Chic     
HINT: Do you have change for a $5

HINT: You can feel at home in this small German winter village

HINT: White pearls and black coal. Every model's dream.

41 BlondeQueen    
HINT: look near a little cactus

42 Palette    
HINT: Gonk

HINT: What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe.


45 Love Lace    
HINT: I'm hidden where the Gachas play!

HINT: What is this HUGE gift giver?

47  SKIP

48 Razzles    
HINT: Longsleeves are best for winter

HINT: ART & FASHION: Welcome in Art & Fashion! Look for the red candles in our Store and you will find your gift!:)

50 lush    
HINT: Stop peeking at my screen

51 Emerald Couture    
HINT: Advent Gift 1 is done, but there is coal there, for those who missed Day 1

HINT: Upstairs there's this weird guy who's looking at it while he soaks his feet in a tool box, of all things!

HINT: Tea, macaroons, Eiffel Tower, where I'm?

54 Purple Moon    
HINT: I love crates!

55 Illustrious    
HINT: Santa put me here, beyond all the packages and bows, where I see some lights and it smells like pine...

HINT: I love new stuffs!

57  Sycamore Décor  
HINT: You know what make Santa a little less grumpy? Some time at the beach.

HINT: Alpha and...

HINT: Gingerbread man been nawty this year, all he got for xmas was coal

HINT: Eww, your stocking is all Grungy from the coal Santa left you.

HINT: A visit to Candy Cane Lane should help you find your prize.

HINT: From the wall I see all

HINT: Wrap it Up!!


HINT: I'm nutty over snow!

66 BWC_Your Way     
HINT: Love is in the air
Have you tried to fly to find yours?



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